At the end of this three-phase progressive program, you can expect not only stronger muscles, but enhanced balance, flexibility, and mobility. Plus, we layer in other mind-body practices, like yoga and Pilates, for active recovery that supports your physical and mental health. While the intensity will increase over time, the workouts are carefully structured for accessibility to users at every level. You will be empowered with the knowledge to adjust each workout as needed.   

The comprehensive schedule ensures a balanced routine. You’ll train Monday – Friday and rest and recover on the weekend. Don’t skip the rest days! They are essential for overall longevity. Taking them gives your body the time it needs to respond and adapt to the week’s work while minimizing risk of injury from overuse. 

Throughout the program, your certified trainers Dan Lawrence and Tina Tang will encourage you to adjust the “variables” in each workout. By changing the “load” (weight used), number of reps, and more, you’ll not only get the best results, but keep your workouts fun and exciting. There are opportunities to press pause and track your progress with movement assessments. Celebrate your successes along the way and adjust workout variables to further your results!

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