If you haven’t picked up a jump rope since you were a kid, don’t worry! Josh, Kelsey, and guest expert Bernadette will teach you everything you need to know to take your playground pastime to the next level. From basic foot patterns and jump mechanics to more complex skills, you’ll finish each workout feeling accomplished, centered, and grounded, all in fifteen minutes or less.

This challenge is designed to elevate all other aspects of your training by increasing your ability to sustain a higher heart rate for longer periods of time. As your cardio endurance increases, so will your overall level of fitness. This challenge is progressive, meaning that it increases in difficulty as you complete each workout. New to jumping? We’ve got you covered with a full informational tutorial, a workout schedule of two to three workouts per week, following the scheduled order, and planned recovery and cross-training days in between jump rope workouts.

Once you complete the challenge, take it to the next level by doing it again with less time between workouts. Aim for three to five workouts per week and notice your progress!

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