How To Resolve An Old Sporting Injury

An old sporting injury can be a nuisance to live with. Whether it happened in your teenage years or it’s something you sustained a little later on in life, it can get in the way of you enjoying life in a pain-free way.

Resolving an old sporting injury can be challenging and in some cases, might not be possible. However, it’s always worth trialing new methods and efforts to try and repair the injury from long ago. Here are some tips for resolving an old sporting injury.

Use The RICE method

The RICE method is a typical option to go down when it comes to repairing an old sporting injury. Even years late, this method can prove to be fruitful if you’re doing it regularly. RICE stands for; rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

To help ensure your injury and the pain you feel is minimized, make sure to rest it as much as possible. Ice is a great way to help alleviate some of the discomfort you might be feeling and a wearing something like a compression sleeve or joint support, might be useful to have.

Elevation is also a recommendation for those who want to avoid feeling any pain or discomfort in the area effected.

Try To Avoid Doing Anything That Causes Pain Or Discomfort To The Injury

When trying to fix an old injury, try to avoid doing anything that causes you pain or discomfort from the area itself.

Anything that you know will cause your pain or additional damage is worth avoiding. Whether it’s something as simple as doing a lot of walking or lifting for example. It could also be certain sports that makes the injury worse if you play it.

Look At The Right Types Of Exercise Available

Talking of exercise, there are plenty of exercise options to choose from when looking to workout and train your body. When you’re dealing with an old sporting injury, it’s important to focus on doing sports or exercises that aid the injury and avoid any pressure on it.

There might be certain sports or types of exercise that you want to avoid, so trial and error these when you can.

See A Specialist For Help

If you’re looking for additional help beyond what you can do for yourself, then it’s worth seeing a specialist for help. These are the experts in the field when it comes to repairing a sports injury.

Speaking to an orthopaedic surgeon specialist for example, might be worthwhile if the injury is related to the foot, ankle, knee or legs in general. There are specialists for all areas of the body.

Be Mindful Of What You Put Into Your Body

Finally, be mindful about what you’re putting into your body every day. This can all influence how well you recover from injuries, as well as maximizing your health in general and adding on those extra years.

Resolving an old sporting injury can prove challenging but it’s possible with a little help and guidance.

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