Keep Your Home Gym Odor-Free With These 3 Tips


Home gyms are convenient for their location, privacy and convenience. You can exercise any time and save money on gym fees and commute fares. Despite all these benefits, one thing can still follow you into your home gym. Odor. The good news is you can keep your home gym odor-free with regular cleaning and hygiene habits. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to keep the area fresh and clean.

Clean Equipment Regularly 

Here’s how to effectively clean each part of your home gym:

  • Clean and sterilize your equipment after each use – Use disinfecting wipes after every session, then scrub and wash equipment biweekly for a deep clean. If you’ve just started building a home gym and are using a chair or table for tricep dips, wipe that down, too. Use a furniture-safe disinfecting spray to protect the equipment from wear and stains.
  • Clean storage equipment – Although your storage equipment doesn’t have direct contact with sweat, cleaning storage containers regularly will prevent dust and buildup.
  • Clean and dry the floors properly every few days – Next to your exercise mats, your home gym floor absorbs most of your sweat. Additionally, odors can cling to furniture, dust and fluff. Scrub any sticky residue, vacuum the floor and then mop it. Ensure the floor dries fully before your next session to prevent mold and odor buildup.
  • Use fresh towels and clothes daily – Even if you have done a light workout, new and old sweat should not be mixed. Use a fresh towel after every workout, and regularly wash your clothes with disinfecting detergent.
  • Wash your workout gear properly – Try not to let your gym clothes sit in the laundry basket for too long, since buildup from sweat may cause stains. Turn your workout gear inside out before popping it in the washing machine to help the water and detergent get to the sweat. If you notice particularly strong odors, presoak them in vinegar for half an hour before washing them.

Invest In Exercise Mats

Using exercise mats will help to keep your home gym fresh and improve your workout. Exercise mats are firm yet soft enough on your joints for burpees and donkey lifts. They will also protect from slipping hazards from sweat on the floor.

Exercise mats are also easy to clean. Simply wipe your mat down after a session, wait for it to dry for 15 minutes, then put it away. For a deeper clean, use a solution of vinegar and water with peppermint oil to refresh and deodorize.

Consider Improving Indoor Air Quality

Investing in your air quality is one way to keep your home gym healthy and odor-free. Prioritizing air quality will not only help with the smell, but it can prevent issues like headaches, hypersensitivity, fatigue and allergies. This means looking for suitable floor materials, installing fans or aid conditioning, and airing out your home gym space after every workout.

Consider Installing Rubber Floors

Rubber is one of the best materials to use for a home gym because it’s durable and affordable. It provides the proper grip for all exercises and protects your knees, back and ankles when you lift weights. Rubber mats also make cleaning easier since they’re nonabsorbent. This prevents sticky sweat stains and odor.

Use Fans And Air Conditioning During Your Workout

Air conditioners reduce humidity and keep temperature levels comfortable. Low humidity prevents odors and molds, which keep the area smelling fresh. You can also use the cross-fan method to place fans on opposite sides to ventilate the room and clear humidity.

Purchase An Air Purifier

You can also use air purifiers to reduce odor and keep your home gym fresh. Additionally, air purifiers are good for your lungs because they destroy contaminants like mold and bacteria.

Get An Indoor Plant…Or Two

Besides looking good and smelling nice, plants keep your air clean by stripping toxins and trapping dust and mold in their leaves. They also release oxygen, which helps you to breathe better as you work out. You may also want to try a scented plant to add some sweet-smelling goodness to your daily workout.

Keep Your Gym Fresh

Cleaning regularly and investing in air filters and fans will help to keep your home gym odor-free. In addition to preventing bad smells, these methods will also protect your body from harmful bacteria and allergens.

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