Water Aerobics Is Not Just For Grandma, 9 Reasons You Should Try It Today

When you hear water aerobics, you might think of older adults — rows of grandmas and grandpas bobbing in the water. But did you know water aerobics is a great exercise for people of all ages and abilities? If you’re seeking an intense full-body workout, go for water fitness.

What Is Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is the act of exercising while standing in water. It’s typically performed in a pool at a reasonable depth — around chest or neck deep. Like swimming, it’s an excellent low-impact exercise that’s easy on your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics are not just for the elderly, injured or chronically ill. Here’s why it’s suitable for everyone.

Helps Build Strength

Because of water resistance, it’s harder to do particular exercises underwater. This added difficulty can help you build strength. A meta-analysis revealed aquatic activities increased strength for healthy and chronically ill participants.

You can even add equipment that adds resistance. Try using foam dumbbells, hand webs and foam noodles to make your exercises more challenging.

Helps With Joint Pain

The human body’s buoyancy in water helps people float, reducing joint strain. For these reasons, physical therapists recommend water therapy to those with limited mobility. That includes those with injuries, joint weakness and chronic illness. The combination of water resistance and buoyancy creates an effective, low-impact workout.

Enhances Coordination

For an hour or so, you’ll follow an instructor’s movements and exercises. It might be challenging to follow the instructions initially, but you’ll notice everyone needs some time to get the rhythm. However, you’ll improve your coordination as you practice and will be able to follow the instructions seamlessly.

Improves Core Control

If you’ve been in a pool, you know it’s hard to stay still in one. Even if you try to stand, the water moves around you andf you don’t find balance, you’ll get swept away.

When you do water aerobics, you must stand for a long time next to others who are also moving. To keep your balance, you need to engage your core. Over time, just the act of standing in the water can significantly strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Builds Stamina And Endurance

As you progress through water exercise, you build better stamina. You might struggle with resistance at first, but as time goes by, you can add more resistance through equipment.

You can also do more challenging exercises and increase their duration. The resistance helps you build stamina and last longer, thus improving the effectiveness of your workout.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

It’s no secret that exercise is good for the heart. Building strength and endurance underwater can definitely boost your heart health. Additionally, submerging in water improves blood flow, impacting brain and heart health.

Improves Flexibility

Have you ever noticed you can do more with your body underwater? Perhaps you can raise your leg higher, extend your arm further and squat much lower in the pool. Your buoyancy is helping you do more with your body. Plus, the resistance enables you to stretch more.

Improves Mental Health

Exercise helps the body release feel-good endorphins, so getting active helps improve your mood and decrease stress. Meanwhile, studies show proximity to water improves mental and psycho-social health.

Helps With Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, consider going for water exercise. Consistency is key — when you exercise with a community, you’ll be excited to join in daily.

Additionally, you can be more consistent because of less pain. You need a few days’ break when you strain your body in the gym, but the likelihood of pain is very low with water exercise. You can attend every day and exercise painlessly.

Splash Into Water Aerobics

Water aerobics can improve your physical, mental and social health. Throw out the stigma about this type of exercise, dive into the world of water exercises and enjoy the benefits.

The bonus here is water aerobics is pure fun. You’re not waiting for people to finish using equipment at the gym and you’re not dodging other joggers on the sidewalk. It’s a pleasant, unique exercise that’s perfect for everyone.

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