Warming mulled cider has all the flavours of Christmas in a mug. This mulled cider recipe is so easy to make, by just putting everything in a saucepan and letting it heat for 12 minutes. Perfect for serving at a Christmas party. It’s sweet, a little spicy a full of winter flavour.

The smell of this alcoholic mulled cider is incredible. It’s better than any air freshener and it just screams Christmas. This hot cider will warm you up and it’s our favourite drink to serve guests when they arrive in from the cold. Even if you don’t usually like cider, the flavours in this are just incredible!

A full ingredients list with measurements is in the recipe card below.

One: Put all of the ingredients into a large pan.

Two: Simmer over a low heat for 10-15 minutes. Pass through a sieve and serve.

We used a splash of rum to give it an extra boozy kick. You could swap that for brandy or even an orange flavoured gin. We like using a spiced dark rum as it just adds to the spices.

To give this mulled cider recipe even more of a festive twist, add some fresh cranberries in.

What we love about this mulled cider recipe is that it only takes 15 minutes to warm through. However, if you want to get ahead of yourself and have this ready and warming when your guests arrive, then why not try making slow cooker mulled cider?

Put everything in the slow cooker and cook on low for 2 hours. You can then turn it down to warm and keep it like that all evening.

Store: You can store this in a bottle in the fridge for up to 3 days, so make a big batch of it for Christmas. Make sure that it has fully cooled before you put it in the fridge. The bottle needs to have a lid on it and be air tight. I would recommend removing the spices before storing, as they will intensify otherwise, but some people might not like that.

Freeze: We don’t recommend freezing this.

Reheat: You can drink it cold, however it is best enjoyed warm. You can heat it through on the hob.

Yes, you could leave the sugar out, but we really like the sweetness.

Some of the alcohol will cook off, however not all. How much alcohol you are left with will depend on a few variables. Such as: how much alcohol you start with, how long it is cooked for and at what temperature, and what kind of vessel it was cooked in. Cooking it in an open shallow pan will evaporate faster compared to a slow cooker with a lid.

As long as all the ingredients you are using are certified vegan, then this can be vegan.

This is also a really good recipe to make when camping, as even in the summer it gets pretty cold at night and this is a nice way for the adults to warm up.
A splash of cranberry juice also adds a nice burst of flavour.
There might not look like a lot of spices in the pan, but trust us on this. They all have such strong flavours, so you don’t need to go overboard.
Make sure you strain all the spices from the cider mixture, as nobody was soggy cloves in their drink.
Don’t let the mixture boil. It just needs to simmer gently.


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