6 Fun VR Fitness Games You Should Try

Electronics get a bad rap for normalizing a sedentary lifestyle. Virtual reality (VR) headsets are an exception to the rule. VR games generally involve a lot of physical activity, making them perfect for fitness.

VR fitness refers to games you can play in the virtual world that promote good health. If you want to embrace a culture of wellness and are physically fit to exercise, here are six VR fitness games to consider in your workout routine.

Beat Saber

Fan of “Star Wars” or not, you have to agree that slashing things with a lightsaber is cool and exciting. If you play Beat Saber, you can slice virtual color-coded targets with swords while dodging obstacles. Like Dance Dance Revolution, it blasts uptempo tracks that dictate the rhythm you’d keep up with. This addictive game can get you hooked on cardio workouts without realizing it.

Beat Saber is available on Humble Bundle, Oculus Store, PlayStation Store and Steam.


Supernatural is Beat Saber with structure. It tricks you into intensely working out by smashing objects and evading hurdles to the beat of a catchy song. The only difference is that it’ll transport you to various stunning locations.

On top of Flow — Supernatural’s signature full-body cardio workout — you can also burn calories through boxing, calm your mind using guided and nonguided meditations, and do coach-led stretching sessions.

Supernatural only supports Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.


FitXR is a subscription service that gives you access to five immersive studios — body sculpting, boxing, dancing, high-intensity interval training and martial arts. It can pair you with an accomplished fitness instructor that matches your workout style and personality.

If you spend your day mostly sitting in front of your computer for hours, this VR game will help you easily engage in 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week — the minimum amount to stay healthy.

With FitXR, you can choose from hundreds of on-demand classes, change workout environments and play jams from your favorite artists. FitXR adds seven classes a week to keep its extensive library fresh, and it has a multiplayer feature with voice chat.

FitXR works on Pico Neo 3, Pico 4 and Quest 2 devices.

The Climb

Does mountain and urban climbing fascinate you? This thrilling VR game lets you skywalk edifices, trek tropical and snowy mountains, brave volcanoes, and discover enchanting caves solo. It will test your mental strength and give you the anxiety-inducing sensation of falling after every misstep.

Whether you want to summit The Climb or reach new peaks in The Climb 2, you need Quest, Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

Goalkeeper VR

Do you want to sharpen your concentration, coordination and reaction like your favorite goalie? Goalkeeper VR is for you.

As you might expect, the goal is to deflect the balls coming your way to prevent them from touching the imaginary net. This game is physically demanding, so be ready to jump, lunge and slide in different directions and block with your hands, arms or head.

You can download Goalkeeper VR on HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Quest and Steam.


Tripp is a celebrated VR wellness app. It combines spellbinding landscapes, guided visualizations, calming binaural audio, mollifying breathing exercises, and applied mindfulness techniques to help you find inner peace and gain clarity. With its fully immersive content, you can lead a mindful life by paying attention to tasks and achieving a deep sense of focus and serenity.

Tripp is compatible with the following VR devices:

  • HTC Vive Flow
  • Quest
  • Quest 2
  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Oculus Rift
  • Sony PS VR1
  • Sony PS VR2

Virtual Games, Real Gains

Fitness apps can help you achieve your health goals, but VR gaming may be unsuitable for people with epilepsy or who suffer from motion sickness or balance issues. Moreover, you may hurt yourself when playing with hazards around. Take precautions — like removing obstructions from your play area — because health and safety go hand in hand.

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